Fishing in Verdon Gorges

peche dans les Gorges du Verdon

You are spending your vacation in the Gorges du Verdon and are thinking of buying a fishing permit. There are several formulas: by the day, by the week or even accompanied by a professional. But before presenting you in detail how to fish in the Verdon, let’s have a look at some fishing sites and compare their interest. The Gorges du Verdon are nearly 100 km long: an important point not to forget! Here, we will speak especially about the lakes of Esparron, Quinson and Sainte-Croix.

Fishing on the lake of Esparron-de-Verdon

What the fishermen mean by the lake of Esparron is actually composed of two distinct parts. The lake itself is 6 km long and extends from the town of Esparron to the EDF dam. Further up, we will talk about the lower Gorges, an 8 km long canyon surrounded by cliffs from 30 to 60 meters high. You are here in the domain of pike and perch fishermen. These large predators can exceed one meter in length. Every year, some records are broken in this area.

The accesses for fishing on the lake of Esparron

Though the landscape is magnificent here, accessing the lake is rarely easy. We advise you to rent an electric boat from La Perle du Verdon. In July and August you can find their availability on their website by following the link “book a boat in the low Gorges”. 

Out of season, you can contact La Perle by phone for a customized rental. It means that you can leave early in the morning and enjoy your whole fishing day.

peche lac de Sainte-Croix

Pike or bleak fry fishing in the lower Gorges

Here, in Esparron, both approaches are possible. One could almost say that it is not the same sport. Anyway, the pleasure of fishing will be combined with the discovery of this superb site with turquoise waters.

Though traditional fishing with live bait and dead fish still have their followers, more and more fishermen are turning to modern lure fishing. Indeed, these last ones allow to dispense with the chore of “making live baits” while being faster in the fishing action. Releasing the captured fish in good conditions will also be much easier.

The lake of Quinson, a wilder fishing area

During summer, if the tourists who come to swim and sunbathe bother you, we suggest you discover several small fishing lakes. Indeed, the Verdon river forms three small lakes upstream of the Quinson dam, which are less famous and very interesting for fishing.

The lake of Artignosc

The lake of Artignosc is the first small lake upstream of the dam of Quinson. More than the lake itself, it is the part of the Verdon that extends downstream from the lake that is interesting. Indeed, swimming is forbidden in this area and, to be honest, the temperature of the water quickly discourages any volunteers. Therefore, you will probably be alone, even in the middle of August in this area. Here again, access is not easy. Renting a boat really is a good option.

The lake of Saint-Laurent

The sector of the three lakes (Artignosc, Saint Laurent and Cadénon) is referred to as the lake of Quinson by EDF and by the fishing companies. There actually is a lake in Quinson but it is not the one we are talking about. Why make it simple when you can make it complicated? Provençal people love to “drown the fish!” We will try to help you a little.

The lake of Saint Laurent is located upstream of the lake of Artignosc. Here again, it is an area reserved for fishing but you won’t be alone. In fact, birds will be your main competitors! Just once will not hurt, access on foot is possible in this area this time. If you like quiet places and birds, this fishy area should be perfect for you! 

Fishing on the lake of Sainte-Croix and in the Gorges

If you intend to fish in the lake of Sainte-Croix, you can contact the Truite Moustierenne, the most active fishing association on the lake.

To know before going fishing in the Gorges du Verdon

Let’s review here the main rules with a small reminder of the legislation. For more information on fishing and its regulations, the Alpes de Haute Provence fishing federation publishes a fishing guide that summarizes everything you need to know.

Where to get the fishing card ?

To buy the fishing card, go to the website of the Fishing Association Verdon Colostre.  It is also possible to find it in the tobacconists of Gréoux Les Bains. There are several formulas for the day, weekly and of course for the whole season.

Reminder of the size rules by type of fish

Pike : 60 cm, Pike-perch : 40 cm, Fario trout : 40 cm and Rainbow : 23 cm and finally, 18 cm for the Arctic char.