Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Booking information

Yes, this is strongly recommended during the summer season.
However, not all of our fleet is online (we may have availability by coming on site).

– Electric boat

on the spot or on our website, under “Booking”. Electric boats can only be booked from 9.30am to 1.30pm or from 10am to 5pm and payable online

– Pedal boat

on site on a daily basis or on our website, under the heading “Booking”. Pedal boats can only be booked from 9.30am to 1.30pm or 10am to 5pm and are payable online

– Canoeing

can only be booked on our website, under the heading “Booking”. Canoes can only be booked from 9.30am to 1.30pm or from 10am to 5pm and payable online

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The price shown is for the boat.

Yes, we will refund with a 5 euro deduction (for any reason) at least 24 hours before the activity date.

We will offer to reschedule your rental or refund your money without any deductions.

We will ask you for payment in advance, an identity document which we keep for the duration of the charter and a person of legal age on the boat.

Practical information: coming and parking in Esparron de Verdon

43°44’09’’N  5°58’07’’E

– Coming from Sisteron or Aix en Provence : A51 exit Manosque, at Gréoux les Bains take the direction of Riez by the D315 and follow Esparron de Verdon.

– Coming from the Var : A8 exit Brignoles, direction Barjols by the D554, then Montmeyan by the D13, then Quinson by the D13, then direction Esparron de Verdon.

Route 137 – Gréoux – Esparron.
Route 134 – Riez – Esparron.More information on timetables :

Parking is charged (P2, P3, P4 and P6) in July and August and at weekends in May, June and September. You can avoid queuing at the pay and display machine by using the PayByPhone application.

Yes you can extend your parking time with the PayByPhone application.

Yes, you will find free parking (P1 and P5) at both entrances to the village, then you can walk 10 minutes through the village to our rental base.

Yes, at the entrance to the village you will find free pitches for motorhomes.

Weather-related consequences

Yes, the rental base can be closed due to bad weather or by prefectural decree and even during the opening season.

Yes, navigation is highly dependent on weather conditions.

Yes, in strong mistral winds, the rental base can be closed.

Terms and conditions of use

No, you must respect the number of people.
The maximum load is 75 kg per person, i.e. 75 kg X 7 = 525 kg max.

Yes, you must include it in the total weight allowance.

We advise you to wear clothes adapted to the weather, sun protection (caps, T-shirts and glasses), your garbage bag, a small snack and above all water !

If you have booked online we will keep your boat at the dock for the duration of the rental period, but if you have booked on site we will keep your boat for 10 minutes and return it to you as the rental is not paid for.

Yes, your boat may be rented after you.

– For electric boats

Life jackets are compulsory for children under 6 years of age and recommended for children over 6 years of age. Adult life jackets are available on the boat.

– For pedal boats

Lifejackets are compulsory for children under 6 years of age and recommended for children over 6 years of age. Life jackets are available at the stand.

– For canoes

 Life jackets must be worn

Yes, with adult supervision.

Yes, we have lifejackets adapted to their morphology.

Yes, you can eat and drink on our boats. Picnic tables are available on Sensas electric boats.
Please remember to bring your own rubbish bags

Dogs are allowed on all our boats.

It is easy. We will give you a short briefing before you leave with advice and instructions to follow.

The boats have sufficient autonomy to discover the lower gorges as far as Quinson and on the lake of Esparron by renting the boat by the day, i.e. for a duration of 7 hours.

Yes, electric boats and 4-seater pedal boats have ladders.

Yes, to protect you from the sun and they are removable.

No, you must be at least 6 years old.

No, because the water in the Gorges is calm and easy to navigate.
You will benefit from a weak current for the return trip.
However, we advise you to beware of the wind, which can add a difficulty, We therefore recommend that you anticipate your return if the wind is too strong.

Local regulations and environment

It is forbidden to dock on the banks in the Basses Gorges, but you can stop on the banks of the lake or on the peninsula of the district.

No, cliff jumping is forbidden in the Basses Gorges and on the lake.

No, portable speakers are forbidden on the whole lake, the banks and the Gorges because of the presence of protected species. The fine incurred is 135 €.

No, inflatables are forbidden in the Basses Gorges between Esparron and Quinson.

No, fires and bivouacs are forbidden on the lake and in the Gorges.

No, many wild species are protected.

Yes, swimming is not forbidden on the lake. An area marked by yellow buoys, at the level of the first cove, is supervised in July and August.

They are eco-guards. They are here to welcome and inform visitors and keep a permanent watch over the Verdon sites.

Yes, there are three no-sailing zones, marked by buoys. They are located at the dam, the water intake and the supervised swimming area.

No, there is no swift or turbulent water in the Basses Gorges.

Yes, with a fishing card (category 2).

Yes, the main fish species are pike, carp, roach, trout and bleak.
There are also inedible freshwater mussels.

No, combustion engine navigation is prohibited, except for the gendarmerie and the fire brigade who ensure safety on the lake.