By boat in the Gorges du Verdon


Las d'Esparron

In the heart of the splendid Natural Park of the Gorges du Verdon, the turquoise waters and the omnipresence of a luxuriant nature are the promise of an unforgettable trip. At the beginning of the last century, access to this breathtaking spectacle and its soothing sound environment was an obstacle course. Therefore today, any visitor can easily immerse themselves in this unique sensory experience by boat in the Gorges du verdon. For example, you can explore the largest canyon in Europe by boat! Thanks to a wide range of service providers, because you can rent a boat to Discover the Gorges du Verdon at your own pace.

Why to rent a boat to discover the Gorges du Verdon ?

There are many sites and activities dedicated to the discovery of the Gorges du Verdon. However, you will often be surrounded by other visitors and perhaps forced to follow the group. Moreover renting a boat allows you to follow your desires and to feel calm and the beauty that surrounds you.

On the waters of the Verdon, without motor !

Firstly a visit to the Gorges du Verdon will leave you with the memory of a place where nature and its rhythm dominate. This incredibly soothing feeling comes from the fact that igniting engines are forbidden on the waters of the Verdon. Because of this rule preserves the calm and nature of the plenty tourist. So you will find the boat rental companies uniquely with electric motors, ecological and silent. They do not require a permit and are easy to handle, contributing to the incredible feeling of having this sublime landscape to yourself.

A visit to the Gorges du Verdon in complete freedom

In summer, the Beaches of the Verdon are crowded from the morning and it is sometimes difficult to find a quiet corner. So, in order not to feel oppressed by the human tide and to find a serene space, it is interesting to rent your own boat. In addition, you can stop where you want for a refreshing dive or explore the small hidden creeks that surround the Verdon lakes. Moreover, some creeks and peninsulas are only accessible by water! Be careful, however, that docking is not allowed everywhere on the banks of the Verdon. Be sure to follow the information provided on this subject by the boat rental company.

An offer that adapts to your needs

Rental providers are not lacking on the banks of the Verdon. Many embarkation points exist throughout its canyons and beaches. You will have a wide choice on the place and the length of the journey you wish to make by boat.

In addition, “the Pearl of the Verdon” offers several models of boats to perfectly fit your needs. If you just want to move around on your own or explore the surroundings, boats that can accommodate up to seven people are available. However, if you want to turn this sailing experience into a full day, comfortable boats await you! With a roof to shelter you from the Provençal sun and a picnic table, you will lack nothing to spend a memorable moment with family or friends. Moreover, for maximum freedom, you can extend the duration of your rental on the same day. Indeed, if you rented your boat for the morning, but you want to prolong the pleasure, it will be enough to warn the nautical base the same morning.

All electric boats are easy to handle and their driving does not require a license. The chosen provider will provide you with the necessary instructions at the time of rental.

What to do by boat in the Gorges du Verdon ?

Due to strong currents and geological irregularities, the Grand Canyon du Verdon is impassable by boat. However, you can enjoy an adrenaline-filled experience by booking a rafting trip down this section of the gorge. Exceptional memory guaranteed!
However, at the lake of Sainte-Croix and downstream from its dam, you can navigate anywhere.

Explore the Quartier peninsula

The lake of Esparron is nicknamed “the Pearl of the Verdon” and you will understand why at first sight. More preserved and wilder than the very popular Lac de Sainte-Croix, this expanse of turquoise water seems to sparkle under the Provencal sun. Its fauna and flora are rich and fascinating. All around the lake there are small sheltered creeks, more open beaches and the pretty village of Esparron-de-Verdon which dominates the whole. But there is one place on the lake that is sublime and only accessible by boat: at the Quartier peninsula. Also called «l’île du Barbu», this little corner of paradise has all the necessary assets. Indeed, there are beaches and creeks in the shade of oaks, olive trees and cades. But you can also rest in its green meadows. Moreover, from its main beach, you will enjoy the most beautiful panorama on the village of Esparron-de-Verdon.

Go up the Base Gorges of Verdon

Another un-missable exploration to do by boat is the ascent of The Basses Gorges. These 11 km long limestone cliffs are full of surprises. Along the water you can of course enjoy splendid landscapes. In conclusion You will also discover caves and folds sheltering many incredible things. For example, one of these caves is the privileged breeding ground for rare species of bats, another displays traces of prehistoric habitation or yet another served as a fortress for a great brigand of the 17th century.

But be careful however, it is not allowed to land in the Basses Gorges and enter its caves is prohibited. Explore the Quartier peninsula.

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