The lake of Quinson, a jewel case of wild nature


Pont de Quinson, Canyon du Verdon

Nestled in a nature even more preserved than the lake of Esparron, the lake of Quinson is bathed in an intimate and wild atmosphere. You can observe many fish and animals, attracted by the tranquility of the place. It is located, moreover, at the entrance of the magnificent Basses Gorges du Verdon. This place is an absolutely unmissable stop for nature lovers, history lovers, but also sportsmen! Much less frequented than the other lakes of the Verdon, this quiet lake has nevertheless more than enough facilities and activities for a memorable stay.

What activities to do at Lac de Quinson?

When it was built, the Quinson dam actually caused the formation of three small lakes. Below the lake of Sainte-Croix, we find first the lake of Cadénon, of Montpezat, then the lake of Artignosc. Finally the lake of Quinson is located just downstream of the dam. The rules are not the same for these four bodies of water.

Peut-on se baigner dans le lac de Quinson ?

Because of cold water resurgence and currents, in the lake of Montpezat, despite the sublime color of the water, swimming is forbidden. It is however allowed downstream of the Quinson dam. However, it is important to know that due to a strong presence of algae, swimming in the lake of Quinson is not recommended. However, if you would like to have young children splash around, we recommend the lake of Artignosc and its pretty beach further upstream. It is, moreover, an excellent place to picnic in the shade of the oaks. In summer, you will even find a small bar there. In short, we prefer the lake of Esparron or that of Artignosc for swimming.

There is no shortage of canoe, pedal boat, paddle or electric boat rentals around the Quinson dam! You will certainly find what you are looking for on the banks of each of the small lakes. Sailing through breathtaking nature to the sound of lapping turquoise waters is a unique experience that will please everyone. It is the best way to soak up the splendor of the Gorges du Verdon at your own pace. Moreover, motorized boats are not allowed on these waters. You will have the pleasure of enjoying this spectacle in complete peace of mind. Upstream or downstream of each lake, it is possible to explore a portion of these breathtaking gorges.

From the lake of Quinson, for example, you can go down (and back) the Basses Gorges du Verdon to the lake of Esparron. This last lake is much larger and even more splendid than the one in Quinson. By electric boat, or by canoe for the more athletic, you will be able to walk along the limestone cliffs and observe a wild fauna and flora. Many nooks and crannies, caves and geological formations are hidden between these walls. Each of these sites has its own history or mystery… If you like romance, you will find inspiration here!
Our advice to explore the low Gorges, you will have to make a round trip. We advise you to leave from Esparron to take advantage of the current on the way back.

The village of Quinson and its very long history

A major archeological site, the Grotte de la Baume Bonne, is just a stone’s throw from the village, upstream from the dam. This place and many others will delight history lovers, young and old, during their visit to Quinson.

Museum of Prehistory, an exciting experience for the whole family

Around Quinson, a great number of traces of habitation dating from the dawn of humanity have been found. It is therefore not surprising that this place has its own Museum of Prehistory. However, this is not just any prehistoric museum, but the largest in all of Europe! You can immerse yourself in the distant past of the Gorges du Verdon. You can, for example, walk among life-size prehistoric herds. Not only does it present exceptional and fascinating permanent and temporary collections, but it also proposes original animations for all. Thus, in the prehistoric village reconstituted on the banks of the Verdon, professionals will teach you how to live as in the time of the mammoths. You can learn, among other things, how to light a fire without a match, how to carve a flint, how to shoot with a bow, or even how to throw an assegai with a thruster.

Une plongée au temps des chevaliers : le village de Montmeyan

On the opposite shore to Quinson, is the beautiful beach of Montmeyan. Overlooking its blue waters is the historic village that gave it its name. In prehistoric times, man had already settled here, and has not left since. The village and its inhabitants carefully maintain the many relics of the past. Indeed, Montmeyan has preserved its medieval and fortified architecture. You can admire its impressive ramparts with its towers and covered passages.

Don’t miss the Castelar Tower, a vestige of the castrum of La Roquette, which looks as if it was placed on its rock. Perched on a promontory above the Verdon, Montmeyan has preserved its cool, narrow and steep streets. During the hot Provencal days, you can walk around and discover the monuments and their history thanks to numerous explanatory panels. Finally, this village does not lack colors, it is even labeled “Cities and villages in bloom”!

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